Value Buddy provides unlimited valuations to entrepreneurs, not just a few financial valuations.

We really want to help entrepreneurs be successful. Naturally, step one of starting a business or corporation is to identify what your business is, who it serves, target audience, etc. Step two is a business plan, and of course, money. Having money may vary as some businesses are intended to be small and don’t have a need for funding at inception.

Value Buddy will meet you right there; right where the dream and the plan collide. Value Buddy will be your safe space. This system was not created with the sole purpose to generate money. This system was created to:

  1. Make your money make sense;
  2. Make your dream have value (even to yourself);
  3. Teach you how to have value in the money you invest and generate;
  4. Provide a business valuation calculator.

Value Buddy is a singular software platform that will teach you as you work, giving you the tools needed to continue valuing a business while in development. We have your back and will display the same integrity that the system provides. Our managers and leaders interact with the system daily and have a vested interest in what Value Buddy will do for you.

A buddy is a friend and friends have an interest in experiencing life with us. Value Buddy is your friend in business. We aren’t a robot. This system is comprised of real people. These real people want to help simplify your business, one valuation at a time.

Don’t have a strong background in business calculations and metrics? We do! We want to be a part of your team so one day you will have the knowledge and skillset to help someone else. This system was created to help with investments, small and large businesses, closing deals, loan proceedings, but overall, helping the owner know every aspect of its business valuation.

Come over to and introduce yourself by simply registering an account. From there, you can ask questions of our expert team and peruse the site. Read about our accomplishments and different projects that got us to the development of Value Buddy! We have been a startup valuation that developed into a software system. We know how small business ideas begin, and ultimately where you want them to end up. We want your dreams to be our goal of helping you secure financial independence and successful business ownership. You may be thinking “how much is my business worth” and should I include that when learning how to write a business plan. Let us develop a business plan outline to assist you while pitching a business idea.