Value Buddy helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business plans. The business plan process can be complicated, but Value Buddy makes it easier.

Business plans can be a detrimental task that unmotivated and stifle activity and implementation. Don’t lose your dream in response to seeing the “to-do list.” Hoops and loops are the names of the game. How high you jump and how aggressively you navigate them, determines your personal, professional, and business next steps. This article will address common mistakes that can hurt your business plan. Alternatively, note that Value Buddy will assist, guide, encourage, suggest, motivate, and support according to your needs, plan, expectation, and future goals.

  1. Poorly written start-up business plans – rushing, lacking information, using unnecessary or uninformed jargon, are major reasons that an investor will cease reading a business plan. In high school, your English teacher consistently urges you not to use big words to sound smart. That same logic is relevant here. If you can’t articulate as you are, you won’t be able to successfully fake knowing what you’re talking about during a pitch. Remember, your plan tells a story in your absence. It also can determine what’s next for your business.
  2. Sloppy presentation – your business plan outline can be neatly created, and professionally edited. If you can’t successfully deliver the pitch or plan, the door can close. Your presentation is part of your plan. This plan is your one shot!
  3. Missing information – Value Buddy is set up to provide content on each section of the business plan. We strive to be everything you need in every step of your business development, plan, and implementation. Don’t get up in front of investors unprepared. Each dashboard provides content-specific information to drive your ideas home!
  4. Vague vs too detailed – Feeling caught in the middle? Let your Value Buddy coach analyze and strategize with you. Taking on this task alone can be stressful, daunting, and time-sucking. We are committed to being the silent business partner who provides this assist. Every Steph Curry needs a Kevin Durant. This business is yours. We will never try to take over. We will only help; especially where it’s needed!
  5. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie – don’t fudge numbers, the evidence won’t add up! If the evidence doesn’t add up, and you made numbers to look good, an investor will notice and pull out. Present facts. Present goals. Present true assumptions.
  6. It’s your business, but do your research – comparative analysis and basic research will save you from not knowing what exists and what is needed. Invest that time in yourself and your business. It will make a world of difference during your business pitch.
    Value Buddy is a business valuation service that will be beside you throughout the process; even when practicing your pitch. Remember, we have been there. We have done this. Our mission is to support you!