Value Buddy has a uniqueness that allows us to solicit motivation from various realms of life.

Rapper, Nipsey Hustle, has some unique and relative business insight that his legacy lends to us. He once said in an interview, “I just believe in ownership…I believe in investing in yourself…your foundation should be strong.”

Value Buddy helps entrepreneurs understand what costs are necessary to start and operate a venture or small business. Value Buddy provides start and operational cost suggestions so entrepreneurs have help in creating their business valuation methods.

Your valuations are a key component for projections and intelligent self-investment. “If it doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make cents (sense.)” Investing intelligently is the difference between no return on investment and just wasting money. This isn’t to say that your dream, goal, or idea isn’t smart. It just means that you have to be intentional about how you move with your idea.

Value Buddy is strategically organized to use personal experience to help create the best experience you have on your business journey. Valuation. Calculation. Intentionality. Analysis. Comparison. These key terms are vital for determining your costs to operate.

Value Buddy will explain investment dollars need to, not only, start, but have longevity with your business. Growth is the motivation and desired outcome of using this dashboard with your Value Buddy coach. The capital call schedule functionality allows you to communicate to investors and banks exactly how much funding you need for your project and when you will need it.

All-inclusive with charts, graphs, technical language, and presentation assistance, Value Buddy will develop support based on what you will need, and what your startup valuation will require. Your business is your possession. We want to help you with building, cultivating, fostering, and leaving your legacy through your work. We will start by letting you know how much your business is worth by helping you write a business plan.