The platform is open to different kinds of posts and interactions, the opportunities and flexibility are endless

1. Finding Friends

typically when a user first signs up for a social media site, he knows someone who already has an account. However, with Tumblr, there is no need to know anyone on the site before getting started. In fact, some people sign up because they don’t know anyone on the platform; therefore, they feel more freedom to post without fear of acquaintances reading along.

On Tumblr, you can follow any user who hasn’t blocked you, so it’s easy to find people with shared interests. Not everyone is open to making friends on the site, but many Tumblr users wish to interact with new people.

To gauge whether others are open for communication, or to signal that you are, post on a blog’s front page, where it reads My Ask Box is Open.

This means the user is open to communication, either to talk about shared interests or if anyone needs advice or a heart-to-heart conversation.

2. Interacting With Friends

Not all users come to the site to kindle friendships. In fact, some join the site because their friends already have accounts. The Tumblr Dashboard makes it easy to share different types of content and communicate with small friend groups, without everyone seeing the activity, unlike many interactions on Facebook or Twitter.

Some groups of friends use a specific hashtag, which they add to posts to track activity. Others mention the group or its members by name in the commentary of the post.

Tumblr allows friends to share content with everyone, but since multiple accounts can control a shared, private blog, they can also add content and leave notices there without other users having access to it.

3. Portfolio

Tumblr’s straightforward UI, coupled with its flexible themes, makes it a great place to display your work in a digital portfolio. While the reblogging and sharing features are always available, plenty of users access the site simply to present their work and follow fellow artists. While the format might seem ideal for showing off visual artwork, like painting or sculptures, Tumblr can also become an interactive writing portfolio, for example, with specific tags to help employers or fans find pieces.

Tumblr is also a great place for web comics. Users get the latest updates right on their Dashboards, rather than having to visit a site every day.

4. Photo Blogging

A Tumblr phenomenon, some users narrow their blogs to specific subjects by labeling them “porn,” for example, a “food porn” blog may feature images of beautiful food. The term often means the images are beautifully shot and enticing in some way.