There seems to be some miss-understanding between gross profit margin (percentage margin) and gross profit (monetary value.)

More simplistically, the percentage of the margin is the profitability or sales of the company. Gross profit is simply worth. The two couple because you need to know you’re company’s worth in order to calculate profitability.

Remember these two questions:

  1. Is it worth it?
  2. Is it profitable?

We don’t want to work for free, otherwise, we would live ex-pat and do mission work. If something won’t do anything for you, would you really keep trying to work it? For Value Buddy, the answer is “no.” But that “no” is not final. It is not uncommon to have to rework something you thought was amazing. There can always be a misstep, or simply, something we didn’t think to add into our venture’s plan; and that’s ok.

Value Buddy is the business partner you didn’t know you needed. We see the plan from a different view than the business owner and we make it our responsibility to communicate what you need to make your business grow and make you money. Just like working out, the moment you see change and growth, you want more and you do more, to see more!

The moment your business plan, outline, and pitch come together, and investors begin to roll in, you will work even harder, which gives us, even more, to work for; you!

A higher gross profit margin indicates that a company can make a decent profit on sales, as long as it keeps overhead costs in control. Investors tend to pay more for a company with a higher gross profit. Value Buddy won’t just be there for the beginning. We will be by your side to help you through to completion.