The Net Present Value (NPV) is a very detailed valuation method. In fact, it’s our favorite method because we truly detail out the future cash flows of a business. Value Buddy utilizes multiple valuation methods to ensure you have your basis covered when presenting to investors.

Your pitch won’t be perfect without preparation. A perfectly prepared pitch will require more information than just the concept of what it is you are trying to do. On the NPV dashboard, you will enter your business assumptions and we will run your numbers. From there we will outline your outputs. That includes industry growth, cash flow waterfall, and a three-year analysis of:

  • Product
  • Franchise
  • Membership
  • Overhead Expenses
  • Less tax
  • Startup Cost

We are also able to provide a 5-year valuation and the NPV waterfall. The success of your business pitch is predicated on the information you gather and analyze to present. Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, when seeking to pitch, the work you put in, is vital to the end goal. Profitability is what an investor is most concerned about. Value Buddy is committed to making sure you see your company’s success through its projections. We will show you what projects you should invest in, where you should allot money, what positive and negative changes should be made, and provide you with an overall picture of what your business will do for you.

It was important to Value Buddy to provide this service because dollars, both present and in the future, are imperative to all businesses when in their infancy stage. This will let you know how much value the project will create for the company.

A business’s start-up plan should include the NPV and it will show your commitment, dedication, and understanding of analysis. To an investor, you will appear to have more of an in-depth commitment to your plan. The first step is a business plan outline that will help paint the picture of the NPV.