Starting a business is easier than ever.

The ability to effectively utilize eCommerce tools like Shopify, Mailchimp, google voice, adobe, fiver, WebEx and other applications makes the start-up curve less complicated. Value Buddy is also a productivity enhancer because Value Buddy manages each phase of the Financial section of your business plan.

When starting a business, it is imperative to do market research. This includes finding ways to deliver service(s), how much you should charge, ways to increase profit, and calculating (or backward mapping) how much product should be completed in an effort to achieve a financial goal. Value Buddy has a dashboard to combat the woes of a startup.

Use the startup cost dashboard to explain the investment dollars needed to start or grow your business. The capital call schedule functionality allows you to communicate to investors and banks exactly how much funding you need for your project and when you actually need it.

While something as simple as Excel can help you with a variety of start-up, financial, and valuation assumptions, a partnership and detailed guidance will be best for accomplishing your goals. Value Buddy will also guide you through things to do once you start gaining traction. We believe in using predictive modeling to help you see the success you dream of.

This also will help with pitching your business to investors. It is ideal to approach a pitch with all necessary information that prevents the potential from asking questions. When you show up prepared, investors are eager to fund. Value Buddy believes in seeing the process through and our dashboards are just a fraction of our equation for success.