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business valuation

Value Buddy ensures accurate valuations and identifies potential lending risks.

Our Step-By-Step Solution

  • Our streamlined process begins with an onboarding form where the client will answer questions about the acquisition target and provide the company’s financials.
  • The client is assigned a dedicated expert from the Value Buddy team with extensive experience in valuing businesses similar to the target.
  • Within 5 business days, our expert appraiser filters millions of private business transactions to create a hyper-accurate set of comparable companies, then utilizes this industry data along with onboarding inputs in 6 proprietary valuation models to determine the fair value of the target.
  • Our certified valuation expert performs a Risk Review which will assess the target’s health across various financial benchmark metrics pulled from comparable companies in its industry and identify any lending or acquisition risks.
  • Value Buddy delivers a robust Appraisal & Risk Review report that is compliant with even the most stringent standards set by the SBA, RMA, and other regulators.

What We Offer

  • Business valuation by industry experts
  • Business Health Diagnostic report with performance benchmarking
  • In-depth commentary assessing lending risk factors on default rates
  • Dynamic dashboards with scenario analysis functionality
  • SBA SOP compliance
  • Interactive chatbot to analyze reports
  • … all at a fraction of the cost and delivery time of legacy valuation providers!

Perfect for:

  • Underwriting valuations
  • SBA 7a loan valuations
  • Small and mid-market business acquisitions
  • And more!

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