Opening the

black box of

business valuation

A transparent process enables our clients to understand and discuss their valuations with stakeholders.

A 360-degree view of your company's value

  • Start our process with a streamlined 30-minute onboarding where you will answer questions about your company and upload your company's financials.
  • Our platform will automatically filter financial data from millions of private business transactions to create a hyper-accurate set of comparable companies.
  • Within 72 hours, an appraiser with expertise in valuing companies in your industry will utilize your onboarding inputs, industry data, and 7 valuation models to determine the fair value of your business.
  • Dynamic dashboards enable you to view your valuation and Business Health Diagnostic data and perform instant scenario analysis to better understand what metrics drive value for your business.
  • In 1 click, generate beautifully designed reports that are compliant with even the most stringent standards such as those set by the IRS and SBA.