Entrepreneurship and owning your own business is a common goal of many people. Statistically, we don’t desire to work for one employer as baby boomers did.

It also is no longer a priority to have stayed with the same employer for the duration of a career. Generationally, we seek more and tend to find that in pursuing work and business ventures that we enjoy. Deciding if you want to own a business or go the traditional route of staying with one employer, is predicated on doing research of your concept, its value, and it’s needed.

Your enterprise becomes a part of your family, simply because it will require nurturing, patience, guidance, and oftentimes, an ebb and flow of time. Value Buddy wants to help you on your journey, by making your dream become an entrepreneurial reality. This system can also be used to determine an individual’s net worth.

Value buddy is committed to authenticity, genuine communication, relationship building with customers, and transparent partnership. The cyclical, visualization we are open to showing customers, allows us to use our journey as a training/demo. We, too, were once a dream praying for inception to turn into reality. The same tools, concepts, and advice we received and used are compiled into this program. What better way to show that it works than by working it?

Within this portion of Value Buddy dashboard, you will be guided through creating:

  • Business plan(s)
  • Outline of goals and needs
  • Income
  • Value
  • Net worth

To know what your business will bear in fruit, you need to see what it will do while you’re sleeping. If it will work, it will show in the revenue, and Value Buddy will help you see your success!