Buddy provides automatic reports to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business plans.

This service provides efficiency for users of Value Buddy. Your business plan outline is the gateway to success. The foundation laid to foster the value, investment, and goals you want to achieve, are all factors that stem from inception; the business plan.

At Value Buddy, we understand the daunting task that business owners must undertake when developing their start-up valuation. Because of that, we have created a dashboard to assist you. The financial dashboards were created to help complete the financial section of your startup business plan. This will allow you support and evidence to help you pitch your venture to investors and lenders.

Net present value provides your audience with insight on your sum of money, as well as, future value. The NPV dashboard, when utilized, will analyze and communicate the financial drivers that determine how much your business is worth. Think “Shark Tank.” If you are pitching a business idea that lacks information regarding what the investor stands to profit, the investors will decline. This valuation method offers business assumptions. Let us run the numbers for you and develop a plan for success.

The ownership dashboard will help you effectively communicate the return on investment. This is helpful for you, as well as, investors. From this, you can determine the payback period, which will be vital to your pitch. The internal rate of return and cash flow needed are all parts of questions that you will want to have answered when seeking investors. The understanding of the anticipated forecast determines the equity that will be at stake.

The gross profit dashboard will allow stakeholders to better understand the structural economics of their product portfolio. Portfolios, in the business sector, tell your story. With the goal to have no loopholes, your portfolio is going to serve as your business Bible. It is going to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. That, alone, is an indication of how necessary Value Buddy can be for your business. With this dashboard, you are able to compare gross profit dollars and gross margins between different product categories. Utilization of this dashboard communicates product, size, and brand mix that can impact your investors.
It is important to breathe right here. It is important to understand that all of the information above is to prepare you for success. However, you won’t have to chart this course on your own. Value Buddy is committed to be dedicated to your commitment; your business. Sit tight! There’s more.

The startup cost dashboard does just that; articulate the startup costs necessary to bring your vision to life. The functionality of this dashboard truly shows why we are called “Value Buddy.” We want you to see your success from the beginning. The beginning is inception, and from there comes the birth of something good; your something. We want to help you find value in all that you have brainstormed, planned, and envision. It also doesn’t hurt to have a buddy along the way pushing, encouraging, and providing motivation from a business valuation perspective.

Communication with your investors is going to require all of the information provided on the Value Buddy dashboards. Charts, graphs, keywords and terms, as well as anticipated projections, will all be generated from these dashboards.

Analyze how many products or services you are forecasting to sell in each time period using the volume dashboard. What better way to save inventory and money, than to already know what you will and won’t need. This dashboard will become imperative when speaking with investors before they commit. This dashboard has the unique purpose of supporting your knowledge and wherewithal to know what is necessary. It will say more about your commitment when you aren’t relying on a warehouse or someone else’s response to determine your needs.

Income statements are needed for comparison and visually recognizing where the money is going and what is truly coming in. This is also a tool/resource that will speak for you in a pitch. Allowing investors to see what they are contributing to, will provide a level of integrity to your audience, which will make it more likely that they will invest.

Lastly, a cost analysis will become the water cooler topic that will be consistent on your business journey. People feel comfortable when you know what you know. You will be able not show what you know when you can show your cost analysis. Evaluating the operational costs provides insight into what is needed to run your venture. The fixed and variable costs functionality will help you convey to investors and lenders how your venture can flex up and down based on demand. You can also easily review cost types and cost details so you can develop strategies to improve profitability by reducing costs.

Value Buddy is committed to helping you help your business. We have been in your shoes. We have felt the anxiety of lates nights and doors closing. By utilizing this valuation software, we want to help you more than enough to be able to help someone else. The key to success in this business world is intentional support. Let Value Buddy be your friendly, intentional support.